Consult. Expertise. Bespoke

MK Privé aims to revive the romance and tradition when choosing jewellery for a loved one. MK Privé offer a bespoke service that enables individuals to partake in the creative process from beginning to end.

Selecting a piece of jewellery can be profoundly intimate and personal. From visiting the mines and sourcing the stones to creative input on the final design, MK Privé guide clients through the entire journey in an experience that reflects this. Fine jeweller and client working together on every detail closely, resulting in a truly special piece.

“Jewellery has a symbolic significance because of the sentiment and meaning attached to it. The act of selecting, buying and giving fine jewellery to someone you love is of great importance, as is the thought behind it. We want to allow people their chosen level of involvement, offering our expertise and support during the process” says Kem Cenan, Founder, MK Privé.

The concept evolved from personal experience with selecting an engagement ring. “Before our engagement I had considerably less knowledge of fine jewellery. I knew that I wanted the ring to be unique and to be involved in its creation. I sought diamond dealers and jewellers that enabled me do this and offer the guidance I needed but was unsuccessful.” There was a significant gap in the market that was sought to be filled with the creation of MK Privé. “We want to provide the service to others in a similar position; people who want to be involved in the finer details rather than buying a pre-made piece.” This is at the heart of what MK Privé do, making each commission personal in a generation in which e-commerce and a ready-made culture are increasingly prominent.

With backing from a close friend and ex-De Beers Sales Director, MK Privé has spent five years finely tuning their art, accumulating a wealth of expertise and a growing list of high-profile clients. The talented team adheres to the highest standards, entrusting the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. These experts have spent decades perfecting their skills and technology. “Building trust and a relationship with a client is one of the most special elements of what we do. We view the process as a partnership and are committed to achieving perfection. Knowing we have helped someone create his or her perfect piece of jewellery is extremely fulfilling.”

MK Privé take the client through the entire lifespan of the piece, providing suggestion, expertise and unparalleled service throughout. The result is beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that immortalise those momentous special occasions. With this ethic at the brand’s core, MK Privé is destined to make its mark on the fine jewellery industry.