Our aim is to sit and educate you on your jewellery piece, from the diamonds to the precious metal itself. Teaching helps you appreciate how special the stone is as well understanding the design behind it. We may be the designer, but it is both engineering and art that forms the final piece.


The 5 'Cs'

Sparkle.............the Cut

Possibly the most important factor for a diamond is the cut. It is what creates the sparkle. The brilliance of the cut is graded, but an ideal cut will perfectly reflect light.

Colour.........or lack of

A diamond is graded on its lack of colour. A colourless diamond is rarer then ones that display colour.


Clarity........I can't see you

A diamond can have flaws, some more visible then others. A flawless diamond will have no visible imperfections, even under magnification. Some will contain flaws, but you need a microscope to see them.

Carat........its not all about size

Everyone wants to maximize the size of their stone, but not at the expense of quality. We will advise on what we think is a good size for you. Sometimes a 1ct stone looks bigger on one person then a 2ct stone on another person. Design can also maximize the appearance of size.

Certification..........the last C

Brilliant Earth diamonds are independently certified to verify their quality characteristics and origin.